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This is the main menu of the StoreReport on-line manual. Most of the functions of the program are accessed through this screen. Simply point to the topic on the screen above and click on it. Use your back button to retrace your steps.
Notes: Payroll is not listed on the main menu for security reasons. Access payroll from the frame on the left.

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You may use the navigation bar on the left hand side of the screen or the one at the bottom of the page to jump to major sections. To access the documentation of each program, use your mouse and put the mouse pointer over the menu option you want to know more about. Then left click the mouse button on it. If the pointer does not turn into a hand, then that option has not been documented yet. If you are taken to a page you did not intend to go to, simply use your browser's back-button to back up to where you started from. You may select links within each page to take you on side-trips to other links you may want to visit. To get back to where you started, simply use the browser's back button again.

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Notice: Release 1.000.002 of this manual (3 Megabytes) is available to download on your PC now . Click here to start the download. Save it on you computer and double-click "scotman.exe" to decompress the file. Double-click or run the Setup.exe program to install it on your PC. The usual Windows uninstall procedure may be used to remove it.

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